Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer...all in one post.

We went on our annual vacation to Mexico with the Wright familia!

We had so much fun together! We boogie boarded, luke attemted to surf, went on long walks on the beach, and rented jet skis for the day!

But most of all, we looked like this *scrubs* with are nose in a book the whole week!

This little man is Tag! He was definitely lovin his vacation!

Luke and Jaxon enjoying some gold fish and watching SYTYCD!

Hallie girl helping clean up the last night...Tai managed to hide from my camera this whole trip..

I got bangs! yay!

I went to Toby Keith's bar& grill with my sis and Robin for some good ol country line dancing! It was way fun! (minus the dirty country singer trying to get me to come on stage...)

P.S Update: I got a J.O.B! (for real this time) I will be workin in the billing and finance department at the Banner Corporate offices right here at the old Mesa Lutheran! Yay!


Brett and Em Randall said...

you look hott with the bangs! love them! and your friggin tan!! congrats on the job! I'm gonna need one of those when i get back!

Mikelle said...

I was wondering when you would post your Mexico pictures! We had a lot of fun with you guys! Hopefully we will see you over Labor Day.

You look so cute in your country get-up...that's everyday wear here, haha. And way to go on the job. It'll be nice to have it so close to where you live! My mom worked there for many, many years.

nate and amy crandell said...

I love Mexico and your bangs they are so cute! and congratulations on the job :)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You look bangin' hot with bangs. Get it? Like the pun?

*crickets chirp*

Anyway, Umm...hi. I want to go line dancing! Why are you so cute.

Girls night tonight!!

m e a d o w said...

Shawnie - your bangs look grrreat! And you look super tan - I'm jealous! I'm up here in good ole british columbia with no shower.....cool. Wish I could say see ya later but I have no idea when that will be...:(