Thursday, April 16, 2009

Really? I suck... here's a little update, with very few pictures...So since I last posted I have been SO busy with school that I dont know how I am still alive! But, over conference weekend Luke and I and his brothers managed a trip up to Gallup. It was FREEZING! But we were so happy to see Mikelles family! They took us on a ride in thier sandrails and luke and I look like we are from Albania! and Ike looks like he is a marshmallow like Mikelle said! haha we had a lot of fun!

Then this is my handsome husband whom I love so much. Were on our way to listen to Grandpa Tom talk in church for Easter.

This is *nasty* me and my nieces and nephew making some chocolate chocolate chip cookies :)

PS. I got laid off...some on the look out for a new job. I can start full time May 14th. So if you know of anything let me know!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bye Sister Rucker!

One of my sweet best friends has decided to go on a mission! I am so proud of her and she will be a wonderful missionary! She left today! I couldn't believe how fast it snuck up on us!! But here are some picks of our last goodbyes...

**Loving Her**

**Acting Normal**

**Some one let a ripe one linger** kenzi? why are you rubbing your belly???