Thursday, July 9, 2009

Addict. I need rehab. the most magical, heavenly, happiest place on earth! I can never spend enough time in this holy place...lets not get me started on the food..(churros, caramel apples,chocolate covered strawberries..etc)

Best book...ever.

I love this Grandma JO would always take me here (along with the rest of the fam) I just wish it would stay open year round! I love my Bean and Cheese Burro!

I am addicted....

Sweet pork salad...A-mazing...again I find myself addicted.

I seem to love food...obviously...I cant forget my strawberry colada bahamaramamama!

Vacation! I love the beach! I love that I get to see Lukes fam for a whole week while we lay around mexican waters!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wicked. Best musical ever. Okay so I havent seen any other musical live, so I am a bit bias. However, I did shed tears and have the chills throughout the show!

Luke knows how much I love wings...ha I can eat so many! I love medium and honey hot..SO YUMMY!

I love this game...I am sad that this game is no longer on every cell phone...and in 8th grade we would compete to see who could get to the highest level (Bailee)...I have discovered Lukes ipod has this game and I am once again addicted.

I love a pair of cute heels...they make me feel like I have long and beautiful legs...they are a great optical illusion...

My favorite flowers and a gift from my hubby on every special occasion!

What are your addictions??