Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photo Shoot by Elle Bee Photography :)

So this past weekend I was privileged to have mine and Luke's pictures done by one of my best friends, Lauren! She did an AMAZING job. I love her. If you need pictures done...go to her. She's great! I had a lot of fun dressing Luke and I up for this...a lot of bribing went on, but it was worth it! These aren't all...I am sure I will post more as time goes on...


Bethany said...

You are the cutest couple ever! These pics are so cute!

Lauren said...

Gah. I am embarrassed.

You are so stinkin' gorgeous...I COULDN'T of taken a bad picture. haha!

love you!

Bree said...

Oh sooo cute! You look beautiful and Lauren does so awesome! I want her to do ours for Christmas cards. Bryce will kill me. He hates getting pictures done :D

Brett and Em Randall said...

your beautiful. enough said.

Craig and Jordyn Perkins said...

You are gorgeous, and Luke aint too bad neither. ;) Awesome photos!

The B Team said...

You both look so great! Beautiful photographs, beautiful couple:)

jack+alli said...

i LOVE them! you two look so great together!
i just entered her giveaway...hopefully i can get some rockin' pictures like yours!

Mikelle said...

Those turned out so good! You look great! See you tomorrow!

Niki {A*Lovely*Lifestyle} said...

you guys are adorable!

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You are gorgeous, and Luke aint too bad neither. ;) Awesome photos!


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